Friday, 26 October 2012

Dial M for Murder by Tom Watson

Tom Watson has it seems developed his life's work into investigating, understanding and then facing down every aspect of the Murdoch empire and this book is an absorbing chronicle of that quest.

There can't be a soul in the nation that's not in nappies that isn't aware in some shape or form of the issues surrounding the Murdoch family, so completely have they been part of our national consciousness these past couple of years. A book like this can therefore appear perhaps as an unnecessary read- don't we know everything about it all already, courtesy of our rabid media?- but that woould be a mistake to make.  This is a lucid and comprehensive account of the rise and fall of the Murdoch Empire from it familial heart to it's lieutenant's hanging-on's, written by one of the world's supreme experts on the whole circus.  You get all the detail here, presented in a straightforward manner.  I noticed another reviewer mention it is written like a thriller and that's a good analogy.  This is not just the definitive work to date, but also the most entertaining one.